After sending out the e-mail below over 2 months ago, this week is the week for old IP addresses to come down. This will be happening this week. 


It is our pleasure to announce that Catalyst Host has been issued a direct allocation of IPV4 and IPV6. This now means that we own our own IP space. What does this announcement mean to you? Well in accordance with ARIN policy we are required to renumber our existing IP space out of our current IP assigned to us by Incero LLC. We have 3 months to make this change happen. We have already assigned your new IP addresses to your VPS Account. We are giving everyone 2 Months to make this transition happen. During this time we are here to help. Feel free to open a ticket and we will work with you on what will be needed to make this change happen as smoothly as possible.

At first glance, this seems like purely an inconvenience and something that is only positive for us, not really for you. I can understand that logic, so if you’ll allow me I’ll explain why this is good for you as well. As a client of Catalyst Host, you are likely well aware that we do a lot of business in a market that is well known for seeing companies disappear just as quickly as they made themselves known. You probably put a lot of thought into what provider you trust with production content. You want someone who is here to stay and someone who is devoted to what they do. This is a powerful addition to our foundation, and a testament to our plans to push ahead with no end in sight. As nice as that is, I can offer an even better reason. Your IP address is now property of Catalyst Host. It is not rented from another provider. A company that rents IP addresses must enforce the policies of two companies on their clients. You now answer directly to us, and we answer to ourselves. You will always know who you are doing business with.

Cut-Off Date for Old IP: 4/14/2014

OpenVZ Tips
• IP is automatically bound to your VPS
• If your hosting websites, try changing your local host file before changing DNS to test that all your sites load on New IP locally. Only time you would have a issue is if you have a dedicated IP setup in your vhost files. (
• Open a ticket if you need help with a specific setup, we would like to make this as smooth as possible for you. 
• IP does not automatically bind to your VPS you will need to do this.
• You can manually setup your IP with the info in this knowledgebase (KVM Networking Guide)
• Open a ticket if you have any questions and we would be more than happy to help you make this transition. 

IPV6 Availability

Currently Available 

We are here to help make this transition smooth, feel free to open a ticket or reply to this e-mail for help. 

Thanks for your continued support,

Ryan Arp and Don Park


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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