Updates: Our wesbite is back up and running, so you can feel free to use our client area for contacting support. Our Control Panel for VPS/KVM is going to remain down. So if you need anything please just let us know. We can process this in a way that keeps your personal information safe by processing changes manually. There have been updates to the software that we are using. However they are still working on their security audit. Once the audit is complete we will bring the panel back up. We are here to keep you safe and protected. Let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to help you. 

Below is the Original E-Mail

The Overview

In order to minimize possible security breach at this time we have currently disabled our VPS Control Panel temporarily.  This is due to a developing situation on the security of the Control Panel and the safety of our customer's data.  If you require any assistance on your VPS please feel free to contact support.  Once we receive more information on the situation we'll send out a follow-up e-mail explaining the situation.  We'd like to stress that Catalyst Host in no way has been compromised and that precautions have been taken to minimize such risks.  

The Details
The VPS Control Panel Catalyst Host utilizes is SolusVM developed by SolusLabs.  This Control Panel is quite popular amongst many hosting companies and provides our customers with an easy access to manage their virtual servers.  Unfortunately, on 06/16/2013 a 0day exploit was released which allowed malicious users to access administrative control.  Catalyst patched this exploit immediately after it was released and therefore was not affected by the 0day.  

Currently we have reasons to believe additional exploits are present within the Control Panel software, therefore as a preemptive measure we have disabled it.  Your Virtual Private Servers are still in operation and our monitoring systems are still active, but due to the severity of the previous exploit we'd prefer not to take chances.  

Again, to reiterate, Catalyst Host has not been compromised.  Your Virtual Private Servers are still functional.  We have just taken precautionary measures to minimize the risk of a security breach.  Our support system will continue to be online and any changes to the VPS container can be requested via our support system.  

If you require any assistance please feel free to contact me directly at don@catalysthost.com.

Thank you,

Don Park
Catalyst Host Support

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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